This week on the Zoo, oo I mean Farm.

So, this week, living on the farm, we should be calling it a zoo, ha-ha. My husband has shown just how much he loves the goats and me this week on the farm. The snow has been so deep that the milking machine cannot make it to and from the barn. So, he said okay, we are milking inside the entryway. Thank goodness we did not get to the retiling of the entryway yet, ha-ha. So, two times a day, we bring the goats in two at a time, and we will milk them in front of the washer and dryer. The goats are doing great, just eating out of the buckets and not having a headgate.

Milking eleven goats by hand is not something I can do twice a day, with some of them having such tiny teats. My hands have been cramping so bad when I was doing it all by hand. But we are getting over four gallons of milk a day. And we are only a month into milking some of them and some less. I am so excited to get the babies weaned and start making all kinds of yummy for your belly and good for your skin items with all of this milk. Our geese and ducks started laying eggs during the storm. Unfortunately, all of the Geese' eggs cracked due to the cold. I wanted to save our geese' eggs and incubate them. Hopefully, we will be able to hatch a few. Buffy, one of our female goose, decided she needed to come inside for a visit, and she chose the couch that looked very comfortable.

I have started going through all of our winter clothes and getting rid of stuff that won't fit the kids next winter, and I started bringing out the summer clothes and getting them all ready. So if Mother Nature sees us getting ready for spring, maybe, just maybe, she will be nice and let it happen. We shall see, but our seeds are starting to come up. We have some enjoyable seeds planned for this year. One is a watermelon radish; I have never had anything like it, and I thought it could be fun. We also got these cucumelon things. They look like tiny watermelons, but they are also a cucumber. I believe it is essential to try new foods and just have fun, and that is what we are teaching our kids.

We have been talking about bees lately and why bees are so good, and the kids decided we need to plant some flowers this year, so last time we were in town, I let them get some flower seeds to grow flowers this year. They also learned about perennials, so we mainly picked perennials as I feel it is just the smart thing to do. They are so excited to get them planted. One day we want to have bees on our farm, but we will just feed the ones passing by for now. But we won't just be providing them with the food. We will also have bee-safe areas for them to get water because our almost 6-year-old son said they might get thirsty, so we will make sure they have water.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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