This Week on the Farm! Week 9

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

This Week on the Farm This Week on the farm, our farm stinks. But it is for good reasons, our Billy's are back, and breeding season is in full swing. So much still needs to be done before Winter gets here but this is was our number one thing for our dairy.

I plan to answer a few questions I have been hearing from people. Where are you from? Michael is from Bottineau; his mother's homestead is now located 7 miles from our current farm. We lived there together for the first five or so years of our relationship. I (Julia) am from SD. I grew up in Eagle Butte and lived there until I was 20. I then moved to ND to be with Michael. Well, in ND, we welcomed our three daughters. Although we left ND in 2015 to move to MN for our daughters' health, she needed Mayo hospital, and it was going to be a long road of recovery for her. So we decided it was best to move there and have more therapies and such. Well, in MN, we welcomed our two sons. Then, on Halloween 2019, our daughter had her last surgery that was needed, so it was finally time to move back fully. So, we moved onto the homestead we were currently on Dec. 1st, 2019. And then our journey started, and my husband said no, dang goats. Oops, I don't think I listened well. We can't see our lives without goats now, even my husband.

Sourdough starter update, I have been having issues with not getting the kind of bubbles I should be getting, and I have had this issue in the past. I have discovered it is due to the starter not getting warm enough. So I am trying new places to set it after feeding it, and some days we have more bubbles than others. But I have been using the starter to make pancakes and potpie crust. Soon I hope we will see lots of life in our starter and be able to make bread. I have been getting emails and messages on Social Media asking where people can buy my products. I do have soaps in two places in Bottineau, Barely Basics and Boltz beauty bar. I will also be at the Craft show on Nov. 13th in Bottineau and Mohall on the 20th. If you would like to stop, come by and check out my items.

I will have releases every month starting December 1st and then each first after. The releases will take place on our website and our Etsy. I will be posting images to our Instagram and Facebook pages as well. You are more than welcome to comment and say you would like them and do a local pick-up. I do get to Bottineau and Westhope often and can meet. I allow people to come out to the farm and pick up well. Unfortunately, thanks to GPS issues, many get lost.

See you Next Week! Our contact info Julia Pugh 701-228-4428 Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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