This Week on the Farm! Week 7

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

This Week on the Farm This Week on the farm, I am going to be very open and honest with you all. I could tell you my house is spotless, and everything on our to-do list got done, or everyone behaved this Week, but I would be lying. We did have some good victories this Week, though; we sold some stuff on Facebook Market place and found enough hay for winter. So yay, it will be here this week! But my house is not spotless, as we have four 4-week-old puppies, eight 6-week-old kittens, plus the moms in the house, so there is always something or someone under your feet. There are clean clothes hampers to put away. There is a dishwasher that needs to be emptied and refilled again. I make three meals and snacks every day, we have a growing three-year-old at home, and he is never full. Dishes and laundry are never-ending here. We have school clothes and farm clothes every day. So much has to be done every day but somedays we just can’t get it all done. Somedays, we are so tired by the end of the day. I am sure many of you know this feeling.

As I was typing this, my three-year-old asked for hot cocoa, so I stopped typing and went and made hot cocoa. Man, it was good. Did I need to make hot cocoa? No. But sometimes, making memories is the best choice to make. Some thoughts I have had this week, well I have been working on our house. Authentic farmhouse styles can’t be white, can they? Ha-ha was cleaning my walls and cabinets. If you have everything white like Pinterest shows, they must have the cleanest farm kids ever. My kids always have dirty fingers, and then there are puppy paws always so much dirt. So I got my new sourdough starter in the mail, so I have started that this week and I am so excited to try and not kill this one. Oops, I have had issues with not killing my sourdough starters, so praying this time will be the time. Please follow me on this journey. I will be documenting my sourdough starter journey on our TikTok, our YouTube channel, other social media sites, and our blog as well. Yummy stuff is coming to our kitchen soon The way to have a happy family is to feed them good, I believe. I have five growing kids, and I know I could make my life easier by just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven, which we have done on hectic nights. But nothing is better than making your food, knowing where it came from, and having the memories of making that pizza dough together or fresh bread. So I am excited to master sourdough bread. I have huge goals for our future on the farm, and it starts with learning how to make healthy things for my family so one day I can help others learn as well. See you Next Week! Our contact info Julia Pugh 701-228-4425 Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel

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