This Week on the Farm! Week 6

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

This Week on the Farm This Week on the farm, we have done a lot of getting ready for winter. I am working on my breeding plans, what doe’s we will breed with which, Billy. I have 5 Billy’s to choose from; we have one Alpine, two Nubians, and two Nigerian dwarfs to pair up with twenty-five ladies. We will put our doe’s in with the Billy’s the first weekend in November. Goats are pregnant for 145days for mini breeds and 150days for standard sizes. If they take the first day, we could see our first baby goat on April 1st-5th. The Billy’s will stay in with the ladies for at least 60days or two heat cycles to make sure the ladies get bred and don’t come back into heat.

Jack(mini), Deering(alpine), Domino(Nubian), Chip(Nubian), Jed(Mini) is missing as he is camera shy I guess.

Michael got our field fully disced, and we are getting ready to covert sixty acres from farmland to rotational grazing land for our dairy. We are excited to put our pasture to grass in the spring. Then we have to add all the fencing, what a long project that will be. We are working with NRCS on projects to help get our dairy up and running better. Over the next three years, we have so many projects planned with them.

Like so many others this year, we have been looking for hay—what a thing for so many to be going through. We have had to make the hard choice and find new homes for some of our animals, and with the way things are going, we may have to find more homes for others. I do have many pigs and several goats who are up for sale at this time. It is never an easy thing to do. Owning a homestead is full of amazing things and many hard choices as well. I bought some apples this week, and over a few days, I cut up over 40lbs of apples to freeze for winter. I can’t wait to be able to harvest apples from our orchard someday. The ground in our orchard is looking great, thanks to our pigs. The pigs loved the apple scraps, and I love how nothing goes to waste here; we can use everything up. I have been working on house and farm projects this week, always a long to-do list. We have been updating our house as we can, and our kitchen is on the list this winter. With a large family, we are always in need of storage, and our home lacks a pantry, so we are redoing our dining room with a cabinet to add more storage. I am excited to get this home in order. All this disorganization is driving us all crazy, so this winter is our time to make this home ours and get it as we need. I am sure so many can relate to having large to-do lists as we always have more to do than the hours in a day allow us to get done. See you Next Week! Our contact info Julia Pugh 701-228-4425 Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel

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