This Week on the Farm! Week 5

This Week on the Farm This Week on the farm, we picked up our new milking goats. Both are beautiful sweet Nubian alpine mixes. We are Milking mom twice a day to get her supply up. We have started weaning the daughter so far, so good but never an easy thing to do. The longer they nurse, the harder it seems to be. But, soon, they both will be used to it, and life will be a bit quieter here without Z screaming for mom.

This is Daphne, We have a beautiful one-year-old mini jersey heifer named Bessie, we have been looking into doing AI with her this fall, but after talking with so many, we just have not been able to find someone who can AI a mini. So, we began searching for a bull; mini jerseys are not common in our area, so finding a bull has been difficult. But after lots of research, we decided to breed her to a small Dexter for her first time. Luckily, we found him nearby, and they would deliver him.

Clifford, the red bull arrived this week. Don’t you just love his name? Our kids have always loved Clifford, the big red dog, so we thought it fit our family. Clifford and Bessie are now together, and hopefully, in July or August 2022, we will have a baby calf to enjoy. And Bessie will be in milk.

You might be wondering why we would want a milk cow when we have so many goats. Well, because goat milk is naturally homogenized. Unlike cow milk, goat milk does not separate if left to settle. And we do use a lot of cream, just our youngest can’t have it, but the remaining six of us still love us some yummy cow milk and thick cream.

Now with a heifer and a bull, we are more on our way to providing more for our family from our very own land. We have our chickens for meat & eggs, our goats for milk & meat. With plans for a large garden next year, our future looks bright.

Last week I asked you to guess how many bars of soap you think I made? Well, the answer is 333 bars of soap. I was surprised it looked like more, but I made six different sizes and ten different shapes/molds, which makes sense. But I love how that was one day of work which is more like three days. I make it on day one, unmold, and cut on day two, then it cures for 4-6 weeks, and then I have to label and or package them. Oh my, has this week soaping been crazy. In the middle of making 25lbs of soaps, my emulsion stick blender died on me. Thankfully I was going to Bottineau the same day, and Walmart had one that would work. I got it and came back home to make another 50lbs of soap and finished the week with 105lbs of soap done. See you Next Week! Our contact info Julia Pugh 701-228-4428 Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok

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