This Week on the Farm! Week 4

This Week on the Farm This Week on the farm, we have had many challenging projects, and emergencies’s going on. Sadly one of our milking goats got hurt. I was able to patch her back up, and she is healing great, but she hurt her udder so sadly, but best for her, she is now drying up and healing to be ready to be bred later this fall. So now we are down a goat in milk which does not leave us with enough milk, so we had to choose to be low on milk or find a new goat in milk. I went to some of my Facebook groups and found a mother and daughter duo we can afford, and we are so happy for them to be coming later this week. Also, one of our young piglets had either been stepped on or bit. We are not sure, but its front leg was hurt. We brought the piglet and a sister in so she would not be alone. After a few days of being inside and being given extra love, “it was different having a piglet inside and pan feeding it. This was a first for us.” Finally, she was able to go back out with everyone else, she is doing great, and we just keep making sure the piglet gets extra milk, as she is petite and gets pushed out of the way of a bit. But we have seen her on mom, and mom seems to be very happy to have her back.

We are getting so many eggs now and are thankful for this, and we have found the hiding spots. Well, for this week, who knows what next week will bring. We found a massive nest in our tipped-over burn barrel. What a place to pick! We have some beautiful hens and roosters; we have been deciding which roosters will stay the winter and which end up in the freezer. I am looking at keeping six roosters for next years flock. I genuinely have no idea how many hens we have. I would guess around 200, but I might be low or might be high. They move so fast I lose count. This week I used my frozen goat milk, and I made 75lbs of soap. So excited to get them all cut and curing for the next month. We are getting ready for all of our November shows. I will be trying new things with my soap releases, like having a big monthly batch of soaps loaded to our website at one time, doing Facebook lives, where I will be describing each of the soap for people. I will also be posting to our YouTube channel Northland Dairy & Soapery. I hope you will come to check it out. How many bars of soap do you think I made? I will tell you next week. See you Next Week! Our contact info Julia Pugh 701-228-4428 Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok

How cool looking is this Rooster, he is one we will be keeping for next year.

This little lady posed so nice for me!

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