This Week on the Farm! Week 3

This Week on the Farm

This Week on the farm so much has been going on. I was out of state for three days, capturing a

wedding. Well, I was gone. My husband and kids had to do all my chores. They hate when I am

gone for many reasons. But they did great. The goats even behaved okay for them, only got into

a bit of trouble each day. Got home just in time to help a first-time mom dog give birth to four

so cute Yorkie Maltese mix puppies will be a long eight weeks with them.

I am going to showcase two of our elegant birds this Week. Have you ever heard of Sebastopol

geese or a Hookbill duck? Well, we have both, and they are so neat. We feel so blessed to be

able to have some of the most remarkable birds here. I have many incredible birds, and I can’t

wait to tell you about more soon.

We shall start with the hookbill ducks. Hookbill ducks are related to geese and swans but

are smaller with shorter wings, necks, and a stocky body.  How did I get them? Well,

I ordered eggs for hatching, and we hatched out five; three did not make it. Luckily, we hatched

two females. They are elegant looking, and it makes me so happy to help this breed try and

help them make a comeback. Unfortunately, they are on the endangered list, and as of 2020,

they are on the critical list. There are less than 500 left. We have a brown and white female we

call Belle and a black and white, we call her Jasmine; they both have black beaks. Next year we

are praying we can find a male to add more of them to the farm. Healthy ducks can lay

anywhere from 100-225 eggs a year. How amazing would that be? I will be incubating

as many eggs as we can to try and give these birds the best chance they can have.

Sebastopol Geese are those crazy geese you may have seen with curly feathers. We were so

excited to find them two hours away when they were less than a week old. Angel(male)

Buffy(female) are so fun to watch. They come up to us and are very friendly to geese. They and

my husband are having long talks, and it is so funny to watch. We have our geese as somewhat

of our guard geese. Our Livestock guardian dogs stay with our goats, so our geese stay with our

chickens. Sometimes they can get mad at the chickens for being in the water, but they all get

along pretty well for the most part.

We are looking forward to next spring when Buffy will start laying eggs. Sebastopol geese can

lay 25-35 eggs a year. However, unlike chickens, geese only lay for a short time, so for about a

month in the spring.

See you Next Week!

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I love how the little duck in the front was posing. They all were getting along for like 2 seconds and then the geese were kicking them out of the water tub. Even tho the geese have a much bigger water source they always seem to have to take over the little ones.

Bell is on the left and Jasmine is on the right!! My poor husbands white shirt was so not white after this photo haha.

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