This Week on The Farm! Week 11

This Week on the Farm This week on the farm, I went to register our farm name with the state. I have not done that yet and come to find out Northland Dairy is a business already. And like 15 businesses with the word Northland in it. I am so sad and shocked. I had thought I looked everywhere when we picked the name but sadly, I did not see this. So, I am on the hunt for the perfect farm name for us. The business name will also need to go with my soap business, so we shall see what we decide. If you have an idea, please text or email even call us and tell us your thoughts. I will give $25 shop credit to the person if we choose your name idea. The giveaway is listed on our FB page, and you can comment there or message us.

The puppies are starting to go to their new homes, so it will be a bit quieter but not by much as we still have seven dogs and many cats around the farm. It has been fun getting to have these little puppies around.

Now on to our goat updates, our goats in milk have started the process of drying up. The three goats I am milking have all been in milk for over 200 days now. On average, goats are in milk for 250days, and their supply is starting to slow way down even with the proper amount of food. So, we have chosen to let them dry up and get ready for new babies in the spring. So what does this mean? This means we were not getting fresh milk each day. Thankfully I have been freezing milk for my soaps to be able to keep making soaps. In addition, we can get powdered goat milk for cooking for our son, so he is set for his milk. The rest of us will just have to drink milk from the store for a while. In years to come, I will breed different groups to ensure we always have goats in milk and won't go to times where they are all dry. But since we did not do that before, it is not something we can do this year. So next year, I will dry off a few ladies and then breed them after each other to ensure we always have milk. At my last few craft show, I met many of you who read my articles each week. It has been great getting to know more people in our area. I have been getting good feedback on my articles, and people say it is the first thing they look for now. I am so honored to do this, and I have so many plans for our future, and I can’t wait for you all to read about them.

Making lotion for the upcoming shows!

See you Next Week! Our contact info Julia Pugh 701-228-4425 Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel

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