This Week on the Farm!

This Week on the Farm

This week on the farm. If you all remember, a few weeks back, I talked about how at a

craft show, I bought a new goat and would soon be able to go pick her up. Well, she is

here, and she is so dang sweet. She came inside and got so much love. She took to our

son Reagan who is five so fast. It is so fun to watch our kids with the animals. I read

something on Facebook this week that said, We do not have kids to raise our livestock.

Instead, we have livestock to raise our kids. I loved that so much.

A few weeks back, I saw canned soup on sale in town, so I bought a few cans. I thought

this would be good if we got sick again. This week, our son got sick, so I made him

some of the canned soup. He said it was the worst thing and would only eat homemade

soup. So I went to make him some soup, and he ate so much and was so happy. I am

glad I could make him happy when he did not feel good.

The noodles in my soup are homemade egg noodles. If you are looking for a good

recipe, here is mine. 2 cups flour, three eggs, 1/2tsp salt. If dry, add water 1 tbsp at a

time. Roll out dough, and I use a pizza cutter to cut the stripes and then put them into

boiling broth. Cook 5-7mins and ready to eat.

I have put together a list of seeds I want to grow, and it has been fun looking at so many

seed catalogs and seeing all the fantastic kinds of plants you can grow. Sadly, here in

zone 3, we are limited. This is why we want a high tunnel to extend our growing season

and what we can grow.

We want to grow pumpkins for animals and us as the seeds are a natural dewormer.

We plan to plant some elderberry bushes; at this time, I order elderberry syrup kits. We

go through so much of this fantastic stuff, so I want to grow everything or as much as I

can to make as much as possible. We also need to grow as many potatoes as we can

as we go through so many of them. I also really want to have a massive section for

carrots as we love them, and they are a favorite snack for everyone on the farm, four

and two-legged. I plan to try and plant some sunflowers this year to harvest the seeds

from. I love sunflowers. They are my favorite flower. I have a few bags of peaches and

cream corn I bought last year but never planted, so I plan to get those in the ground as

well this year.

Our first-class with the FARRM program was excellent, and it was nice meeting other

like-minded people. The types will be once a week on Thursdays, and we will even get

a mentor who will help us out where they can teach us things we need and want to

learn. I am excited to see who ours will be.

See you Next Week!

Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425.

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