This Week on The farm!!

This Week on the Farm Homesteading can be a dream of many, and I hear I live so many people’s dreams. I love our life. I am very thankful for our life and so happy not to live in a town again. We have lived both lives, and Michael and I were both raised in small towns, him Bottineau and me in SD. He was lucky and had grandparents who had a farm. I had friends with horses and would go riding sometimes. I always knew this was the life I wanted to live. I was so excited when I met Michael, and he had a farm and a love for animals just like me.

We also get the other side and hear; wow, we could never live on a farm. We could never butcher our chickens, or how can you eat something you raise. Believe me, and this can be very hard for me. I have sold many of my wether’s instead of butchering them, but we have also butchered some. I tend to sell my male goats as Billy’s to other farms, but some I do will be better for butcher or as a pet. It is not easy raising your food but knowing where your food came from and knowing what went into that animal is worth all of the messy, yucky parts like cleaning the chicken coops, ha-ha.

This year for us will be busy getting stuff done on the Homestead. We have huge plans for our farm, and we are excited about a program we will be doing called Farm Beginnings. We will have a farm business plan done and ready to go by the end of the class. Michael and I will be taking the class together each week. What a fun date night.

I took advantage of the beautiful weather on the 11th, and I went outside and took some photos of the animals. They love when I have my camera out or my phone; it is so funny. They stick their noses near my lens. Our cow Bessie is awful with this. Taking photos of animals is worse than toddlers. They move so much. I never get all the images in focus, but I sure do have fun taking them. I hope you enjoy them as well. Clifford did not like me taking his photo; he was busy looking and me and walking backward; he put his foot in the empty bucket.

I have been working in my office this week on summer plans which look out into my container garden. I have been planning how I will change it for next year, the number one thing I have to change is. I have to cut my old water tanks in half depth so I can have twice as many raised beds. So next year, I will have things like Loofahs for the soaps, peas, some leafy greens, and things like this in the raised bed garden.

I have been working super hard to design new labels for all of our soaps. I have all of the Valentine’s Day soaps cut and curing. They will be ready to go on February 1st, I did some pipping of roses on some of them, and I like how they turned out.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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