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This Week on the Farm

Updated: Jan 26

This week on the farm, we are milking away, and the milk we get from the goats is increasing. The baby goats sure are loving it and growing so fast. The baby goats enjoy jumping around and ensuring we hear them when they think it is feeding time. So that means most of the time because they believe they need to eat 24-7.

It has been a while since I have talked about the sheep, and I wanted to mention them this week. The three baby doll sheep, we have been doing good. They live separately from the goats because the goats don’t let them eat and don’t accept them as part of the herd like they do ram jam and the cows. So, we have them in their building, and they are happy eating hay and not worrying about being butted away from the feeder. The snow is so high that, sadly, our dogs can jump over it. This is something we are trying to figure out a fix to. We have shoveled by the fences, but it just blew back in. One of my long-term plans is to have my lilac bushes growing on the outside of the fence line coming into the yard, but they won’t be planted until June when they get here, and then it will take time for them to grow. We fenced in our yard to keep our animals in, but we didn’t think about having so much snow that the dogs could step right over. We are working to fix this issue, and by the time you have read about this problem, we will have it fixed, but it still is frustrating and just another reason to add to the list of why I hate snow, ha-ha.

I have laid out how I plan to put my bushes/trees this year into my orchard, and I am excited about that. Most of the plants have to be bought, but not rhubarb. My mother-in-law has so many plants that she said we could transplant some over here. This will be very cool, as those were originally Michaels’s Grandmothers’ plants, and that is something I think is so awesome, and I would love to continue to keep being able to grow from those original plants. We have two rescue pups left looking for their forever homes if anyone is looking for a young pup. They are about 14 weeks old, and German shepherd mixes. These two girls are very sweet and loving and make great family dogs. It was pretty funny, Henry was playing with Legos at the table, and one of the baby goats was running around playing after eating. She jumped up in the chair. Next to him. She sat so nicely for me to get a photo, then she jumped up on the table and smashed his Legos like Godzilla Henry was not very impressed, but she sure thought she was big stuff.

Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel

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