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This Week on the farm

We have been busy feeding babies and doing chores this week on the farm. Nothing too exciting has happened this week. It has just been a busy week with the same things. That may seem tedious, but it has been nice not having too crazy a week.

Michael and the kids were doing everything most of this week as I was away with work. It was fun to get all the cute little photos of what the goats and animals were up to. We did decide not to dehorn our baby goats. We tried the paste, which was awful; the screams and cries were something I never wanted to hear again. I do not have an iron, so this was more in our budget. I watched many videos on how to do it, and those babies seemed to be okay in a few sec. They were on camera. I now think they did not show the real screams and cries. We only wanted to dehorn because our kids want to show goats in 4-h, and they cannot have horns. But after this awful experience, I will buy them pulled/dehorned baby goats. I can’t do it myself. OOOH, we got an egg this week and are happy with that. With the cost of eggs, we have been saying man, I sure wish these girls were laying right now, and boom, we get an egg. We may start getting a few more, which would be awesome. This time of year, I like to start thinking about what we have to do this year. We have more fencing to do out in the field. We have fencing in the orchard to fix. We have trees to plant this week, and I ordered some incredible trees from Soil Conservation. Those should be here in June. We have many seeds I did not get planted last year that we will get in the ground this year, weather permitting. And we have the new goat barn plans to get going. Lots of cleaning out the garage for that one. But all of these projects need one thing—no more snow. I am sure all of you are ready for spring as well; 2022 was a hard-long year for us. But we did have many great things happen as well. But I hope 2023 will be an excellent year for us and all of you; we deserve it after the last few crazy years we have all had. Annabelle enjoyed the water from the hose this week. It was so funny and watering, and she could have drunk it from the water tank, but no, she wanted it right from the hose. This was the longest she had ever just been near me without running away. I could give her a few scratches, and she stayed just drinking. The cows and goats all seem to enjoy the more excellent weather. They have been out and moving around. The pigs have been running around as well. This weather has been fantastic for all of us.

Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel

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