This Week on the Farm

This Week on the Farm This week on the farm, I think some of my female goats are looking pregnant. This is a good sign as it means they should be bred and due in April. But we will have to wait and see, and I wonder how many babies we will end up with. They can have as few as one, or it is even possible to have five or more. When you are sick, your kids and animals think it is the perfect time to get into trouble. So, with the big storm coming, we put a new round bail of straw in the barn for extra deep bedding to keep them all warm. And where do our goats decide to go instead? Well, the farthest North East Tree row we have. They were just happy eating evergreens and old weeds. They and no care in the world that a storm is on the way, and we are getting the barn all nice for them. Nope, no care in the world, so Hubby drives the pickup around to get them moving, and I am walking to get them going in the right area. They just all come running with their goat grins on like, oh were you calling us. Dang, they are so lucky. I love them all so much.

I feed our sourdough starter twice a week. Well, it is in the fridge. I will keep it on the counter this summer when it is warmer in the house. So, this week I made apple fritters for the first time. Wow, they were so good. I used some of the cut-up apples I froze. Again, the kids all said this was a keeper recipe, and I agree. I would like to try and find a different way, frying donuts, as it takes so much oil, but I do save all the leftover oil for next time, so it is not so bad. I may get a deep fryer instead of just a kettle that may also help.

A neighbor decided to get out of geese and ducks, so we now have seven new geese, and I did not count, but I would say around fifteen new ducks none of them have names, and I do not tend to name our birds as they all look alike, but certain ones get names like our curly feather geese are Angel and Buffy we have.

My daughter Skye has a turtle named Shelly. She is an African Side neck turtle. She has been with our family the longest out of all of our pets and animals. She is also the easiest to take care of and the least messy.

I think I need to get a Zoo title ha-ha. We have a mini horse, two cows, thirty goats, seven dogs, ten farm cats who think they should all live inside. Less than 100 birds now as we did butcher some and sadly lost a few to raccoons this year. But 2021 has been an excellent year for our farm. We learned many things about what we like and what we don’t like. We need to work on what we need to change in the future. 2022 will be a big project year for us as we will be planting and fencing in about 64 acres.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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