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This Week on the Farm

My kids love our animals, but sometimes that love can cause issues. The three youngest decided to check on the birds in the coop. Unfortunately, after they were done checking on them, they did not hook the door right, and all of our birds were loose in the yard. We are still finding birds hiding in the barn and garage, and sadly I can not find my two turkeys. Michael was home when this happened, and the older two kids and I were in Minot at a flea market. It was almost dark when this happened, so Michael and the three youngest were working as fast as they could to catch over 60 birds. Sadly it didn't work out as we would have liked.

The three youngest kids feel awful, and they just wanted to check on them, and we understand. But sometimes, these things hurt and cost us. Life lessons happen, and this is for sure one of those life lessons. Sometimes doors are easier to open than close.

We have been working on pens in the barn, and they are coming along. Our goat birthing pen is ready and waiting for the goats to start going into labor. It will be interesting to see how deliveries will go with 25-bred females. I am hoping we only have a few go at one time. Last year it was a different mom delivering each day for a few weeks, and it worked well. Only time will tell, and it will be all hands on deck for those days.

Stack our Akbash Livestock guardian dog, who we got earlier this year from a huge cattle farm. He needed an easier guardian job due to hip issues. Sadly his hips keep getting worse, and he has to stay inside and warm. So we have been hunting for a new Akbash and have fallen in love with this breed. We found a young pup a few hours away, and we took the trip to go and pick him up this last week.

We are looking forward to Stack teaching him what he knows so that Stack can retire and rest his hips. Our new pup's name is Hickory, and he fits right in with the other dogs. The goats and cows are already warming up to him nicely, so this looks like a great fit.

My new cow milking machine has three wheels. Unfortunately, the front wheel is so small that it is not functional to move to the barn and bring it back for cleaning. It in a milking house will be great. Milking with it goes well, but moving this machine around sucks. So I decided to treat myself to a new metal cart I had wanted for Christmas. A gift I really can use, these are the best kinds of gifts.

I hope you are staying warm, and we sure did have a cold few days. When it goes to 10 degrees, man, it feels warm. Haha, isn't that funny how we think 10-20degrees is warm and people in, say, AZ thinks 75 degrees is cold?

Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel

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