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This Week on the farm

This week on the farm, we let the goats out of the winter pen during the day when the weather was warmer. They ran to the trees and started eating all the crunchy leaves. They needed something different after all the hay they had been eating. But it was nice seeing them out running around enjoying themselves.

I can't get over how fluffy the goat's coats get every winter. Besides being pregnant, they are so soft I laugh watching them eat as their cheeks are even fuller looking.

Milking the cow by hand has taken me forever, so I bought a smaller machine. It is nowhere near as good as my goat-milking machine, but it works well. My hands sure are enjoying the machine, and I get to pet her and talk to her more this way, so it works out very well. The milk also stays way cleaner this way, as nothing can fall into the bucket.

I have been asked how work was at Metigoshe Ministries, and I hadn't realized I had not written that I don't work there anymore. It didn't last very long, sadly. I loved the job, but it ended up not working for my family, with me being gone for so many day hours. The pigs sure miss all the pig's slop, ha-ha. So, I am back to working in home health again, and I love this rewarding job. I have been a CNA/Home health aide since 2016. I work overnights and then go home and do chores and homeschool. Michael does some on-tablet schooling after supper with them, and this routine has worked great for us. Everything happens for a reason, and with changing jobs, I could make it to many summers shows I would not have been able to attend while still working there.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, we had dinner at Michaels moms, and it was so yummy. We played Clue and Uno after dinner, and we decided games after dinner on Thanksgiving would be our new tradition. It was so much fun. I won at Clue, and it was fun. I have not played Clue in so long. But we all felt like a nap was needed when we got home, so we had a relaxing rest of the day.

Doing water chores the way we are sure is working great. Michael and I are not breaking our bodies or carrying buckets of water. The basement hose reel was one of our most brilliant purchases for chores. It is a time saver to have the water filling as we are milking, and then we reel it back in, and we get two bug chores done simultaneously. The kids are a massive help with the hose reel.

I hope you all can get good deals with black Friday and small business Saturday. I love supporting other small businesses, and most of the suppliers I order from are smaller businesses, so I was happy to get in on some great deals. My Milking machine was my only big business purchase during the sales, but it sure will pay for itself with all the good clean milk we are getting.

Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel

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