This Week on the farm

This week on the farm has been cold. Oh, how we hate winter chores. The wrong state for that, but we get them done. We are doing water differently this year, and it is working well. We have a hose in our basement and run it out the window. It is working so much better. We shall see how it works on -40 days, but if we have to do a few days of buckets, that is better than all winter.

We haul some buckets to the sheep and the ducks, but that doesn’t take much time. They don’t need a whole tank filled. The sheep and birds have heated water buckets, and the barn has a water heater in a tank, which works great. Unfortunately, I learned my lesson with ducks last year on how they love to make a massive mess with water in the winter, so this year they have nothing they can try and swim in, and we have so many birds in the coop that they drink it up fast, we refill their water 3x a day. The seven new alpine females are doing great and getting along with all the other animals well. We had some headbutts the first day they were together to get to know who was boss, but we haven’t seen anything out of the normal. With adding the seven new goats, I have decided to sell some of my goats with smaller teats. They are just not something I love to milk. It doesn’t bother me with the machine, but I would like to keep passing that down. They are all great goats but feeding this many goats is not cost-effective. I am only planning to keep the goats producing around 1 gallon at milking. So, at this time, I have eight goats looking for new homes. They would be great goats for a family who just wants fresh goat milk daily. I have a few first fresheners this next kidding season, so we shall see how they do and see if they will stay or go. Bessie is to have her baby well whenever she decides it is time. So only one child for sure has to have goat milk. And Michael loves cow milk and having her cream would also be nice. To make butter and to just have that nice thick cream. I have been thinking hard about what I want our farm to be, and I think 10-12 milking goats who give around a gallon each would be fantastic for the soaping and for saving for Henry. Plus, I would love to do herd shares with our goat milk. I am working on getting my numbers to that. I love all of my goats, but I need to do what is smart for our business and family. So thankful for this life we live and have learned so much over the last few years. So excited for these next journeys we will be taking. I look forward to milking our cow and having a new baby on the farm. We have been talking about names for Bessie’s baby, and no one can decide on the same thing. Naming animals is a hard job, Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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