This week on the farm

This week on the farm, we had a visitor I would never have thought would visit. The livestock guardian dogs were doing their job this week when we heard a big commotion outside. Michael was just getting back with some of the kids. I thought the dogs were just excited to see them. But nope, it comes running one of the kids saying the dogs have something. So, I stopped making Shampoo bars and grabbed my coat. Michael got it in our fishing net, which has to be replaced as the Otter ripped it up. We all were shocked when we figured out it was a River Otter. We are not close to the water, so where did this come from? It sure must have traveled a long way. I am sure it could smell my birds, but I would not want to go onto land with as many dogs as mine if I were an Otter. After some calls, I spoke with Game & Fish, and we were told to take it to Westhope to the river and release it. So that is what we did. A few kids thought we should keep it, dig it in a pond, and feed it fish. Ha-ha, I told them no, thank you, we have enough to do. This will be a day we don’t forget. I can see this being something they tell their grandkids.

Michael, this week was on Bisman, and he found some ducks. So, he called, and we went on a trip to pick up these ducks. Four hours later, we came home with 66 new ducks, Muscovy, runners, call ducks, and some mixed ducks. The call ducks are in their pen, and the rest are in the chicken coop. I am excited to hatch out some call ducks. They are so cute. So in the spring/summer, we should have lots of baby ducks for sale and eggs to sell as well.

We also got rid of a few animals; three kittens went to a new barn, and two young female pigs went to another farm. To do what they do best, root up some areas. Of course, most do not want pigs to root, but when you need areas worked up, pigs do an excellent fantastic job, which is why we got pigs in the first place to work up some of our farms that had not been touched. You would not believe the stuff these pigs have rooted up in our yard. They have found more than one log chain, metal signs, many glass jars, and beer bottles: too many pop cans to count, plus some neat metal toys. We moved the cows over into the winter pen this week, so we are now only watering and feeding in 1 cell for the animals. It makes chores in the cold better when you do not have to go all over. We are not enjoying the winter chores, but we are taking steps not to carry buckets all winter. That breaks our bodies down, so I hope we get these steps done fast to save our bodies.

I hope you all are staying warm and safe. Have you ever seen an Otter in North Dakota? So many on my Facebook said they had never seen them here before, so it was neat to get to be up and close to one. Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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