This Week on the Farm

This week on the farm, the new goats have been getting used to all of us and the other goats. They are penned up alone for a short time to ensure everyone is healthy. So thankful to have bought goats. I do not have to worry about significant health issues as these goats passed their tests before being sold this fall.

We have been thinking about names for them, and most do not have characters. They had numbers. Since we got them on Halloween, we are considering some fun names from people from Halloween movies.

The quail have been laying 1-2 eggs a day. So, we saved up eggs to let the kids get one, and they were excited about that. I love how my kids get so excited about such things as each getting a quail egg. It made their whole day. We are still getting the pens and stuff ready for winter. Hoping by the time this is read, our straw will be delivered. That is one of the most significant things we are waiting on. I will be able to breathe better when the straw gets delivered. Deep bedding is how we do our pens to help keep the animals warm. Michael is most excited about having his garage back, getting all of the hay out of it, and getting it in the hay loft. Linda will be excited to have her barn back as well. We have it full of hay and another building as well. So, the work is not even close to being done. We got the motor for his bale elevator, so we are excited to get that up and running, so all of our hay will be in our barn ready to go.

Most of our birds are penned up, and we also get some eggs from them. It sure is nice to be able to have fresh farm eggs. Why do I have chickens if I don’t get eggs? I love a good Easter egg hunt, but every day gets old. So, we are looking forward to getting their new pen all ready and going next year. Michael got his first load of sucker rods for making my goat pens in the barn. In 2021 we had a barn fire due to a heat lamp and naughty goats. Even before that, most of the wood pens in the barn were starting to rot. So, we will make gates and panels that can be moved around to split up animals as needed. I look forward to having options on how we have pens at different times. The sheep are doing well. We learned sheep like getting into places they should not be, just like goats, but the sheep liked the woodpile, and sadly they got caught up in it and lost some wool. So now we know they are in a smaller pen and doing great. Animals always have to test everything out, don’t they? I hope you all have a great week and you’re ready for winter. But, ready or not, we better get ready. Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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