This week on the Farm

Updated: Oct 20

This week on the farm, we got some W***er prep done, so not ready to say that work, ha-ha. But we also brought five ducks in a stock pond on the other side of our fence. They went there a while ago, and we have tried to bring them home, but getting five ducks out of the middle of a stock pong is not easy. We would try and catch them in a field, but they would fly back. But this time, we got them, and we clipped their wings so they won’t fly over the fence again. So they are happy to be home and have been enjoying the feed. Thankful to have them back all safe.

The sister of a pig who got out in early spring through the barbed wire, and we have decided we will have to add a hot wire row in front of the barbed wire to keep them in. I can’t believe animals would want to go through the barbed wire. It sure can’t feel good. But we have to do what is needed to keep our animals safe. Bessie, our mini jersey is getting huge. No udder yet, but hopefully, she is getting close. But knowing my luck, she will have the baby in the middle of the winter. She was in with Clifford Oct. 2021-May 2022, and we are not sure when she was bred, we never saw it to write it down. She is doing great and growing, so we look forward to seeing what she has. She and Big Casino, our new mini jersey bull, are doing great together, and I am looking forward to seeing what a baby out of them will look like next year.

Last week I talked about the mistake I made not thinking my Dwarf billy could do the job with my big full-size ladies. And I can say I am not the only one to make this mistake. I have seen three posts this week talking about the same thing. I guess these little guys sure like to prove us wrong. It sure will be a busy W***er this year. The kids and I went with Michael on Sunday to pick up stuff he won’t have at an auction that he did not have room for the first trip home. Well, there I got stung by two bees and bit by two horseflies. It was not my day. I have not been stung in years. Thankfully this time, it did not affect my breathing just left me with two huge welts that have stayed all week. I have lived on allergy meds and Caladryl lotion this week. We also took in a few pups who needed help this week, and I am sure happy I had extra milk and knew how to feed puppies. This is how we started our lives with our girl Liv. She lost her mom at three weeks old, so I have experience with feeding pups. But this time, we are working to keep these litter fighters alive. Not an easy job, but I am thankful to my husband and kids for helping me save these babies. I hope you all have are having a great week. Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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