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Updated: Oct 12

I have to start this week’s article by saying I made a mistake. It was a silly mistake but still a mistake. I figured my dwarf buck was too short of reaching my Nubian mix girls. But our milk supply went from 2.5gallons at one milking down to a gallon. So I switched food around, but my girl kept declining. So now we have ½ a gallon, and with all the work we do and the feed cost, ½ gallon is not enough for us to drink, make soap and do what I need to do.

In Facebook groups, everyone talks about getting their dairy goats’ conditions up for the up-and-coming breeding season. And here I am with some healthy fat ladies who have been in milk for around 180 days. A very excellent milk time, but the supply has just gone down. I think Nubians and the bigger girls I have are seasonal breeders. So they are in heat between July-December. I have not done a blood test to confirm pregnancy on any of the girls. But by the looks of these ladies, we possibly will have babies sooner than I thought, and by a dad, I thought was too short.

I know goats have been known to get bred even through a fence, and I know anything is possible, but I just had not seen anything happen, so it did not cross my mind. We have been crazy busy, and I just let him be in with the ladies as I did want him to breed the females he could reach, but at this time, I have five tall females, beautiful girls who are looking very healthy around the middle, so we shall see.

Since the ladies have started drying up so much, this was a sign just to give them the time off, and since I do not know if they are for sure bred, I would need those ladies to freshen up and be ready for babies. And if they have babies before February, I know they were his, and we now know he can reach them. We cleaned the milking machine considerably, and all hoses were bagged up and packed away. The cart and tank are covered, and everything is set aside until it is time again. So now we have a bit more time in the morning for something else, and we wait to see if they are bred. I am betting yes, but we shall see. They are all in with the Alpine billy and the dwarf buck, so either way, everyone will start kidding in February, if not sooner for a few.

Don’t worry about my milk supply. I have lots ready to go waiting for us, and Henry also has a stash for him. We had kittens and puppies born this week, so it is a busy household. Also, Bessie is getting very hard, but no udder has yet grown, so we shall see when her baby comes. Been a busy week getting stuff cleaned up and moved around, there is always something to do, and we just keep working hard. Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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