This Week on the Farm

This week we start the week off with a fun family trip. First, we went to Minot for an animal swap, and there we picked up some birds and our new Kune-Kune guinea hog mix female. Next, we met a couple from Bottineau who had baby doll sheep rams for sale at sale. So, we set up a time for me to pick up our new Ram Tommy and his new ladies, Dolly and Molly. Reagan, our six-year-old, named them, and he is so excited to have these new sheep.

We still have Ram Jam, our ram we have had for a while, he won't be used for breeding due to growing issues, but he is a great friend to have in with our bull when he is not in use. That worked great with Clifford and now with Big Casino. We had our first 4-H meeting, and it was a good time. We are looking forward to our next one and having more people come. I am looking forward to working on the projects we have planned. I plan to teach them to make goat milk soap. We will learn to milk a goat and then freeze the milk and later turn it into their very own bars of soap. In addition, we will do baking, sewing, learning farm lessons, and much more.

I have seen so many online give animal crackers to goats and sheep so well. I was at Walmart I bought a bag. Why not? The kids will eat them anyway. So we tried giving each goat one cracker, and watching the kids feed them was fun. It was a huge hit. We tried to feed the sheep, but they were still warming up to us, so we just tossed them each. The dogs even wanted to eat them. It was just a fun-filled time for the whole family. The soap shack has power now. What a significant step we got there. I still don't have everything moved in. But every day, we make some kind of progress. Soon we will have our basement back to use for the house. The goats, dogs, and cats all think it would make a great house for them, so I have to keep the door shut tight no matter how fast a trip we make in and out. Nothing is safe with kids and animals around.

This week the goats learned to use their horns against us again. The gate is closed with a strap, and the decision to hook the gate with a horn and pull it inward instead of pushing it out. So yep, they learned, so we changed the way the strap is, and the goats looked at us like, hold on, we will figure a way around that to just watch. We went to Michaels's mom's farm one night, we took over a hen, and she was eating grasshoppers right away. So, Henry and I went into the garden and picked a few tomatoes. He sure tried to leave none on the vines. He loves cherry tomatoes. Most of the kids do right from the garden. We picked a few Roma tomatoes, and I told him those were more for cooking, but he wanted to try them, and he was it was delicious, and he wanted more. So next year, we will have to ensure no goats eat in our garden.

Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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