This Week on the Farm

This week on the farm, we have had many ups and downs. My laptop of three years battery decided to stop working right as I was typing last week's paper. Also well I was editing a photoshoot. It was a very stressful time, parts are all finally in and my husband is working on it. But during this time we also have the flu in the house and the one thing my kids share with no issues is germs so five kids with fevers, a husband with fevers let's just say not much is getting done but snuggles and movies.

photo last year of our little Bessie and now she is a big girl and should be having her own baby next year.

But chores must get done, so we still have to haul five-gallon buckets because we do not have water at the barn. Someday we will fix the old well but till then we are hoses in the summers and buckets it the winter. No gym member here we just haul feed bags and water buckets around.

Last year we had a small hen who needed some extra love so she was inside around Christmas, with us all being sick this year I didn't get many photos.

This week Michael and I have been really talking about business plans, like our new garden area we plan to have about 5 acres to the west of our house turned into our garden. The raised bed garden will be in the back yard still and the orchard to the south of the house like we have been planning. We have been thinking about all the crazy things we have done in the last two years. We had a calf in the house last year plus a bantam hen. And this year our cow Bessie has grown but still thinks she is a dog. She and Clifford now come up to the house and moo at us to get them more water. They walk 200ish feet to the house from the hay pile instead of walking 25ish feet the other way to the heated water tank. They sure keep life interesting, I couldn’t imagine life without them.

We are getting ready for Christmas like so many of you, when you read this Christmas will be over and we all will be trying to play catch up around the house, well our kids enjoy their gifts. We are working on changing some room around, I am redoing my office to make the flow better but oh boy I hate moving everything around and going through everything process.

These two girls are due to have babies in April, They sure look huge, so excited to see what they have. Hope(red) Fern(tri color) are our first baby goats born on our farm.

I am excited for the new year and we have many exciting things happening in the new year, well at the Westhope craft show I met a young lady who has a baby goat for sale, so we are excited to get her around January 20th. We are trying to come up with a name, that is the hardest part for me, we have so many animals and each has a name and we don’t like to repeat anything so we are trying to come up with ideas. We also plan to keep all the females born here this year so we will be having to figure out names for them all as well. I do like the idea of naming them a name with the same first letter as a mom. It is just something fun to do.

Well, I wrote this on the iPad which I haven’t done before, looking forward to having my computer back. I am so lost without it.

See you next week.

Julia Pugh

Boots & Hooves Acres

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