This Week on the Farm

We played a bit of switch the bulls this week on the farm. We sold Clifford to a family with full-size jerseys and bought Big Casino. Ha-ha, Michael and the boys named him. He is our new Mini Jersey bull; we are excited to have him on the farm. He and Bessie are both about 40inches tall at the hip. I am thrilled to be able to offer Mini Jerseys in the future as I grow my herd.

You may be wondering why I want cows when I have goats. Well, only one of my children has to drink goat milk. The rest of us drink it because it is there and tastes good. My goats give me great milk, and I use it for many things. We have soap, cooking, baking, cheese, drinking, feeding to dogs and pigs, and of course, for the baby goats each year. But my goats don’t have a lot of cream, so I can’t make butter or just have many creams as I would like. So, my dream is to have a few female cows in milk each year to give us lots of fresh cream and butter and provide us with some steers or sell the calves. The calves won’t be huge like an Angus, but they sell very well, as many, like us, don’t want a giant cow. Mini Jerseys can still give over 3 gallons of milk daily, so there would be plenty to go around.

We have been re-fencing in our chicken coop area. Too many birds have been lost to animals, and the hens always hide their eggs. So, I am very excited about this. Next year, we will have some more moveable coops for the birds to be contained but also move around and eat all the bugs they want. So, we will mix both, which will be great. Our chicken coop was originally a wood grain shed, and we have slowly converted it into our pen. We have added a few windows and doors for the birds to get in and out. We have added a roost for the birds to sit on and nest boxes. In the middle area, we have some small pens we used to sort piglets when people looked at certain ones. We have even had baby goats born in them. But now we are converting the middle walkway into the feed storage station for the birds.

We did hooves again this week, oo what a chore to do 21 goats as 4x21= 84 hooves, and it took me most of the morning to get it all done. I ordered a new grinder blade for my hoof boss, and next month, I will use that, and I hope I will save a ton of time and my back. Michael built it onto our front porch to attach it to my soaping shack. It is lovely, no longer having to use a step stool to get in. Always something to do but never enough hours, so this was nice to have done. I have been planning to paint my chicken coop, but I just do not have enough time this year to finish it. I bought a farm sign to hang on the end of the building, but I haven’t had it up yet as I wanted it to look its best. Thankfully Michael did hang it up this week as painting won’t happen until next year. So at least we can enjoy it, take it down for painting, and put it back up. Also, people can look for signs when they come to the farm. Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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