This Week on the Farm

This week we are so thankful to our family friend and my MIL's neighbor. We had tractor issues and needed to get the field cut ASAP to finish it on time. He was able to help, and we are so thankful for him. We decided not to bale what was cut as it was primarily weeds, and we sure did not have time to get bales off. So, we burned it and then worked up the field to get the seed mix planted. So we are thankful to be done with these major projects for the year. This hard work will pay off with many years of great food for our animals.

We combined trips this week, which is always a great thing. My friend has a Kune Kune boar who is too short for her females of a different breed. So in the trade, I am getting her male, and I will breed him to my purebred Kune Kune ladies, and she will get a new boy for the new girls she got. I do not have him with my ladies as I do not want winter piglets, but we will plan for April-May Kune Kune piglets. The 2nd part of the trip was picking up seeds, we had the livestock trailer for Wilbur, our new pig. We stopped in Bottineau and picked up our pellet of seed for the field. It all worked out great. I have decided to sell all but one of my Kune Kune Juliana's, and they stay around 100lbs, give or take how you feed them. This size doesn't sell well, and I don't need as many pigs as we have. So hopefully, soon, my pig numbers will be down. Most bought these to go in with deer meat, for smoking a miniature pig, or just for a small pet pig. I want to work on improving my Kune Kune line and adding in more Duroc.

The kids have loved taking meals and snacks out to dad in the field. We made cupcakes on our first day of school, and they were delighted to take dad one and some water. He sure enjoyed his treat.

The garden is ruined. Sadly as I was gone, the gate was not hooked right, and the goats got into the garden and ate all the potato tops and the tomato plants. But on the bright side, they also ate all the weeds, so I guess that is good. I don't know if the potatoes will recover or not. Also, they say people and animals should not eat potato leaves as they are part of the nightshade family. But thankfully, all of the goats are okay. I doubt each goat got too many as they teamed up and chose to destroy. So a good homeschooling lesson will be to teach my kids to latch a gate correctly.

It's hard to believe it is already over, and we didn't go on fun trips or go away on vacations. Instead, we stayed at home and worked hard on the big projects we had going on. But the memories and life lessons our children have learned this summer will last them a lifetime.

She seems to be proud of herself,

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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