This Week on the Farm

We had visitors this week. My mom came up from SD with four kids to spend the weekend. So there were nine kids, three adults, and two extra dogs for three days. It was a wild weekend, that is for sure. The kids loved seeing their cousins, and we have not returned to SD in many years. One niece asked me why I have so many animals, and I answered her because my husband loves me. We did a new head count on the goats after more goats went to new homes. We have 25goats with four more little buckling’s ready to go. We still have one bull and a heifer cow, which I have no idea when she is due as we never did see when the breeding took place. But she is nice and round, and her bag has gotten a bit bigger but is not filling up yet, so we just keep checking her and waiting.

We did have a surprise well, and the cousins were saying goodbyes to the animals. They found six little chicks in the barn with the mama hen. So, the roosters have done a great job as none of the chicks look alike, so we have some cute new babies. We are excited to be able to hatch out our own, and I am looking forward to my chicken coop project that I have been designing to keep our chickens in and find the eggs better. They love the hay pile, so we probably will have more babies soon as that is a hard place to find them. A few hens are friendly, leaving them on the bales for us. This week we are finishing up cleaning up our pasture to be planted. First, Michael had to get a rake for the tractor. Thankfully that was a smooth drive home. The mornings of wet grass have made it so he has to wait for everything to dry before he can get out in the field and do the cutting. But everything has gone smoothly, and we sure are thankful.

The demo work on the soap shack is done, and the painting and moving stuff have been going well. I had to invest in more curing racks as we have outgrown the four we had. So now we have nine curing racks for the back room. It takes a bit to ensure the flow is working correctly. But how nice it will be to have our basement back for us to use for our family. My favorite part of the soap shack decorating is the goat wallpaper. Haha, it makes me smile.

We start our new homeschooling year on the 24th, and the kids are excited about their new program. We have chosen the EasyPeasy Homeschooling online program and Ambleside online. I know many other families who have been using them for a few years and love them. I ordered a science kit with one hundred experiments in it. The kids are excited to get it going, the four older kids will use tablets for their work and printouts, and our youngest will use their books mainly. Then they have fun programs like ABC mouse and Adventure Academy because those who don’t love an extra fun lesson during the day. We are excited to get this new routine going. See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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