This Week on the Farm

We took a few days off after the fencing, and we only did what had to be done as chores for those few days. The rest of the time, we had some family time. Michaels's body needed the break, and then it was back to picking bales and getting the field ready for seeding in the middle of Aug.

The fencing is done but the list of stuff to get done before winter has barely been touched. Oh, the thing we still have to get done. Our list of never-ending projects just keeps growing. You take one thing off, and two more go on. Michael, Freya, and I were getting another load of hay out of the field. The other kids and Grandma were picking raspberries. 7-8 years ago, when we lived on the family farm, we planted many trees and fruit bushes. Thankfully being nearby, we can still get a small harvest from them each year. It sure was nice eating some yummy fresh berries. Picking berries is a memory that will last our kids a lifetime. I love seeing them hang out with grandma and do these things. Some of my favorite memories growing up involved my grandparents. I am so happy to see them making these memories with their grandma.

I don't know how these goats can sound like a child yelling, mom, as I write this. I hear mom being called from outside, yet my kids are all in the living room—silly little goat Kids. All of the Kune-Kune Duroc piglets are gone. We should be getting a new litter anytime. I was told they were nine weeks apart last time, so we are hoping for the same this time. The four little piglets born a while ago are doing good, they run around the farmyard with mom, and it is so fun to watch them as they are just so tiny and super-fast. We had a new logo made. What is so remarkable about the new logo is that the goat on our logo is one of our goats. The lady took a photo of my goat. I sent her to show her what a few of my goats looked like, and she turned our Bluebell into a watercolor image. I love supporting other working-from-home mom businesses, and I am so glad I picked her for our unique new logo.

The guineas Michael got me almost a month ago, I believe, have started making their noise. Many people do not like having guineas as the noise they make is noisy and annoying, but the number of bugs they eat is worth it for me. The Guineas are in a moveable A-Frame coop in the garden, eating lots of bugs. I am excited to get them eating all the ticks next year. I asked Michael what else to write for this week's article, thinking maybe I missed something, and his answer was work, work, and more work. Hehe See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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