This Week on the Farm

By the time you are reading this, we will have all of the 64.5 acres fenced in with barbwire. What relief it has been to get this all done. Now to pray the goats will stay in the barbwire fence. We have added 400 stays to help make it so they can't get out. But, again, we are praying it all works. Barb wire is not a person's first choice for goats, but we can only do what the NRCS allows. I am pleased with how it looks. Michael has been working hard, long days, and I am proud of him. We could not have gotten all that we have done if it wasn't for Michael, Freya, our 10-year-old, and Linda, my mother-in-law. I have not been as active with fencing as I wish. We have so much to do with five kids and all the animals every day, so I have been trying to get all the other stuff done. Keeping our 4year old out of trouble is more than a full-time job alone.

With all the work we have been doing outside, I have not been making as healthy of food, and I have no time to spend inside at the stove. So, when I had a few extra minutes, I ensured they were filled with cooking good food for the family. OO and doing dishes is a never-ending thing. My sourdough starter was doing great, but sadly, my start hit the floor and went everywhere to feed it. That sane don't cry over spilled milk, well I sure said some not nice words when it happened. I guess sourdough bread is just going to happen at this time. My three young Sebastopol goslings are doing great and growing very well. It is so funny watching them walking around in the grass. We have noticed that they do not like being in a pool of water like our other geese and ducklings, and they cannot fly like other geese. Their feathers are different, so it makes sense. They sure are beautiful and have to be my favorite kind of geese. They are so gentle and friendly; they also carry on a good conversation ha-ha. They come up to us like they are telling us a very long story. We walked into the barn and found four tiny baby piggies, and they were so cute. We have two girls and two boys out of this litter. This scarlet's first litter is doing so well with her babies. It is an excellent sign that she will be a great mom.

Clifford, our bull, is doing great. He has not gotten out at all, and we are so grateful about this. Something funny about his pen is he has two substantial squash plants growing. We are unsure what time of squash they are, but they are growing great. These plants are growing from the scrapes we gave the pigs. It is so cool that they are growing so well. Clifford is not interested in them, so we hope to get some products from them.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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