This Week on the Farm

Oh, the heat and humidity this week have made chores oo so fun. The goats have been hanging out in the shade and not going out much to eat after the heat comes. So, our milk has been down. Although, I did choose to go to once-a-day milking as we have so much going on, and with the heat, the girls have been producing less, so we are giving them a break. But we are still getting over 2 gallons daily, so we have lots of milk.

I have also been freezing lots of milk, ensuring I have a good stash ready to go when needed. That is the best part of having so much milk, and I need it frozen for the products I make so I can freeze it ahead of time and be set for when ours have to dry up and then when we are feeding the milk to the babies. The rain we got was great for my potatoes. They look like they will do good. But sadly, the grasshoppers ate my cucumbers, peppers, and cucamelon. I was so bummed those plants were looking good. I do have some tomatoes that seem to be doing okay. Hopefully, I have added chickens into my garden to eat all of the bugs, and I pray they don’t start eating my tomatoes if we start getting any. The piglets are getting bigger every day, I have to feed them in my garden in a feeder as they can get through a gap, but the big pigs cannot. It is cute to watch them eat and then lay down and nap. I do love having the pigs around. They are so cute. The picked piglets start leaving in a few weeks, so we are getting them all ready to go to their new homes. Some will go to homes as pets, and others will be feeder pigs. I have a few of the Kune Kune Juliana mixes male and female l so they will be looking for new homes.

Still working on fencing, and then on top of that, we started moving hay bales and tried to get as much done as we could before the rain. Sadly, we did not get it all done before the rain came, but there is only so much we can do. Thank goodness for our 10year old, she is the biggest helper.

I look forward to the day when our boys are bigger and stronger, and they can help out more. But the little kids did great at pushing the bales to the front of the trailer as they were taken into the barn. We also could not have gotten as much done with my mother-in-law helping. We sure do appreciate all the help. I have not been doing much baking or evening big cooking meals. Instead, we have been eating a lot of fruit and having cold foods and salads as it has just been so hot that we don’t want to heat the house any extra. The kids have sure been enjoying the yummy fruit salads. Oh, and they love all the ice cream and freezes. I even made some pudding pops recently. They loved those. See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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