This Week on The Farm

This Week on the Farm Sorry this week is late, my computer's battery died and I had to wait for parts to come in and then I forgot that I did not get it posted before my computer died. So it is late but here it is!!

This week on the farm, I pulled my sourdough starter out of the fridge. I keep it in the refrigerator where it goes to sleep. I feel it once a week. Then, when I am ready to use it, I set it out and let it warm up. I have made some yummy stuff with my discarded starter. This week I made sourdough donuts. We all agreed this was a keeper recipe, and we will have to make them again. The kids said they wanted them every day.

We fixed up a side of our old wood grain bin for the chickens this week. We made a new roost for the grown-up birds they grew out of the smaller ones. This summer, we used this side of the bin for starter chicks, so it needed some updating, like bringing in the nesting box from the barn. Which the ends never use but hopefully, they will start using it. We will keep the birds on this side for about a week and not let them out. This should teach them this is their home. Then we will start opening the door on lovely days, and hopefully, if they will behave, they will go back in before dark. I will let you know next week on this process goes.

As we were going around our yard looking for hiding chickens, I was throwing some corn out for the birds, to then the kids or us would pick them up. The geese loved all the corn all over. It was fun to watch. But the most incredible thing that happened was Clifford, our bull came right up to me and ate some corn out of my hand. He is so tame and gentle. We know he is big and can be dangerous, so we just make sure to watch him and keep the kids a bit away as we know he is a big animal, and you just never know. A family raised him with kids, and he was never mean to anyone, so we do trust him a reasonable amount, but we also just teach our kids not to make loud noises or be silly and crazy like kids can be around animals. We teach them this for many reasons, but you just never know what might set off animals, no matter the size. We have roosters that are meaner than our bull. One thing I love about Winter with goats is, mine get fuzzy. Some of them are so fluffy they look like someone blow-dried them, and they puffed up. I laugh each time I go out, which is many times a day, so it is terrific for my health to see them like this. I love when you go out to the barn and the goats all come up and talk to you and some, I swear even smile at us.

I love the relationship our livestock guarded dogs have with our cow Bessie. They clean each other and love to hang out next to the hay bales. I was out taking photos for this week's paper and found our dog Odin and Bessie just hanging out, they even posed for me.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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