This Week on the Farm

This week has been a lot of the same stuff, and I am sure most of you feel that way at home. I am always chasing the kids and animals around, trying to finish that to-do list. But we did have a few new things happen this week.

Pigs are newer to our farm, and we are always learning something new. And this week, I

learned how to castrate piglets. Most tell me they take them to the vet and have them do it.

But one thing about us is we are a learning farm; this means we want to learn everything that

needs to be done.

For example, suppose we can’t get somewhere to a vet in time. This means

we try and know as much as we can when we can, which was a great learning lesson. It will

surely be one of my least favorite things to do, but I can say I did it, and this is just another

thing I have learned while living this lifestyle I never knew I would be doing.

We still have a few of our bottle babies left, and this week, I was excited to be able to sell a boy and girl to a young lady for her first goats. The dad said I don’t know what I got myself into and boy did I feel that. We started with two bred females in 2020 and now look at what we have. I never thought this would be our life, having all these goats, but I love it, and we are very thankful for all the fantastic things we can do now because of these goats.

I also started a new sourdough starter, and this one seems to be doing well, with lots of

bubbles. I am unsure if it was a better starter or the warm weather. But whatever it is, I am

happy to have a new starter in my kitchen.

With our yard being fenced in now, that has been nice, but we are learning a few of our dogs

that were not with the animals as much as they were in a different area are not matching well

with some of them. Our big white male dog, Stack, I talked about weeks ago, is not loving that the pigs are walking around in the yard. He keeps trying to put them away back in their winter pen. Liv is not happy when the goats are in certain areas, so we have to work with them to show them this is okay. Change is also hard for animals; every day is improving, which is excellent.

Michael went to town to trade in some posts, and we got the wrong size needed. While he was in town, he found Guineas on sale, and we had said no more chicks this year as we have so much to do. But he came home and surprised me with 23 little guinea fowls. They are cute at this stage but get ugly as they grow. Thankfully they eat so many ticks I don’t care what they look like. These guineas will live in a movable chicken coop so that we can make sure they don’t run into the trees and never come home like the last ones.

He also surprised me with a weeping willow tree, and I am so excited to plant that in the area

where our pond will be someday.

See you Next Week!

Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, and YouTube channel.

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