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Updated: Jun 30

Last week as soon I was done writing and sending off my article, I went outside and started doing chores and filling water, checking on all of the animals. I walk into the barn to check on the pigs and piglets to find one of our new Kune Kune Pigs had her babies. She had eight boys, holy. I was shocked to find out all 8 were boys. These piglets are Kune Kune Durocs, and the dad was huge, so this is something new to our giant pig's farm. And one more to have some later this summer as well. Excited to be able to offer bigger pigs to people in our community, and they say Durocs and Kune Kunes mixed to make the best bacon, and I am all for that.

So cute she made a nest. We did an extensive cleaning of the milking machine. First, we soaked all the hoses, then the hard work started by using the long brushes that go into them and scrubs them out. It is not the easiest thing to push and pull those through, I felt at sometimes I was stuck. It is not an easy job, but it is essential to ensure our milk is clean and healthy. We do a three wash after each milking, so it is cleaned 2x a day. But we also do this extensive cleaning as that is what the books say to do so we do it. Another tricky part of being a farmer is we are selling our Dexter bull Clifford. He jumps fences, wrecks them, and does what he feels he needs to get out of pens. Not because he wants to eat the green grass on the other side of the enclosure but because he can smell the neighbor's females. I had hoped he would not do this as he has a female with him at all times, but sadly, he is a bull, and bulls want what bulls want, which is lots of unbred ladies. So, Clifford is now looking for a new home with lots of girls to love. He is very gentle and friendly. So, if you are looking for a kind bull, he may just be the one. I do hope he is sold by the time you see this! For good news for this week, we got lots of fencing down after the heat wave, which made us all happy. I am not sure what will be grown this year for produce as we had many hiccups, and sadly not much is in the ground yet. We will have some but not the kind of garden I had dreamed of. We are working hard, and we will just have to support other local growers, and I will save my seeds to plant next year.

Lots of hard choices this week, but we are doing what needs to be done. But we are getting there, and it will be worthwhile in the end. Our hard work will pay off soon. Every day we are so thankful we have this farm; they could have sold it to anyone, but they wanted a family to live here and love this land just like they did with their family. I love our homestead so much. See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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