This Week on the Farm

We are working on fencing and keeping our kids healthy and safe this week on the farm. That is what most days on the farm look like. Sadly, we have had this issue since the spring of 2020, but we gave it time for people to get used to being on this homestead again. But two years later, the issue is still going on. The problem is vehicles driving by our yard so fast the gravel and rocks fly. I have been hit when I was in my garden, and the stones left bruises, but as I said, we have tried giving it time, and the county put up, please drive slowly. We love our children's signs. Sadly, this has not helped, and it has been two years. We cannot change where they built this house, but hopefully, we can bring awareness to these drivers that they are hurting us.

The giving it time changed this week when our youngest, being a kid riding his trike over 25ft from the road on our property, got hit on the head with a rock. He had a big goose egg and did not feel good. So now, we will do everything we can to get these drivers to slow down. I am making slow-down signs and putting them in our ditch. Maybe this will help as a reminder to drive slower on gravel roads when driving near homes, rocks fly, and they hurt. We made three batches of caramel this week—two batches to take to the Westhope Car show and one for us to enjoy. We also made several batches of fudge; they are so good. I have been having a great time trying all kinds of goat milk recipes. I also made my own sweetened condensed goat milk, and I was happy with its turnout.

We are not getting as many eggs as we would like as the birds are sneaky and keep lying wherever they want. We did not have a rooster then, but we kept finding big nests when we found eggs. We have three ducks sitting in odd places, so hopefully, we will have some baby ducklings soon.

Last we bought a lot of discounted chicks at the local tractor supply, but this year we do not like the feed costs have been out of control. So, we don't plan to buy many birds this year. I wanted to get more meat birds, but we have so much going on this summer we don't have the time for butchering a large number of birds. Michael told me to get my good professional camera and get some good shots as we worked on stuff. It was great to get some great photos for this week's article and new images for our website.

We have enough milk to be able to help a few other families who may need goat milk, so please reach out if you do. We have milk shares available.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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