This Week on the farm

This week on the farm, we went on a trip to bring home a few new animals. Two Kune Kune bred females are bred to a Duroc boar, so these babies are great feeder pigs for us to raise and sell to other families who would like some mm mm yummy pork. It will be new to us having more larger pigs. Oh, but the drive home with these pigs was very interesting as we were told they were close to our current pig's size. Oo boy, no, these girls were very long compared to the girls we already have.

Also, we picked up the most beautiful spotted registered Billy goat I have ever seen. We are excited to add his great milking lines and beautiful colors to our herd. We also got a female named Bluebell for our girls to practice with for showing goats at the fair next year. Unfortunately, as goats have to be dehorned, we don't have any. I don't dehorn my goats, but now we have a few that are dehorned for them

to work with for showing. They are excited to be a registered 4-H group next year.

The baking we have done this week has helped with getting meals done faster. I made four dozen buns; we have been using them for breakfast sandwiches, dinner for cheeseburgers, and even for supper with a bun on the side of the food. I also made a big batch of caramel rolls as I have been practicing making my caramel to get good at before we start bringing them to shows and markets. Well, one batch got a bit thick and worked so well to be thinned out for the caramel rolls. MMMM, we enjoyed them. I made more lotion this week, which always takes a full day of work, between getting the labels printed and bottles printed and making and filling and cleaning up. But my hands are so soft after. It is always nice to find new things to make with my milk. Who knew so much could be made out of something like goat milk? We had gotten three little goslings, and we are not sure what happened as our chicks have done fantastic this year, but sadly, they all passed away, and this saddened us as we love this breed of geese. We love this life we live, but sometimes it can be so hard when babies just don't thrive. The family we got them from said they would replace them as soon as possible. We're thankful for that. We are working hard to replace some of our birds from the brutal winter and the coon issues we have had. Our fencing will help with this as we will have some of our dogs out on patrol in areas they have not been able to be. We are looking forward to being able to keep our animals safer.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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