This Week on the Farm

This week on the farm, we went to Bottineau with a trailer and got so many supplies, so we are now ready to start the biggest fencing project of our lives. The hard work is so worth it. Our animals will be so much better off in the years to come. We are so excited for them.

Also, this week I have been busy baking lots of bread and making lots of fudge. We have so much milk I have been trying all kinds of new recipes. The kids and Michael love being my testers. The caramel and fudge have been an enormous hit, and I plan to bring some to my shows and see what others think. I hope they go over well. My new project is to learn how to make cheese, and cheese is something we go through so much, so it is something I need to know to make. HMMM, homemade pizza with homemade Mozzarella would be so amazing. So, this is what we are working on. We will be making yogurt, cheese, fudge, caramel, pies, butter, loaves of bread, soap, lotions, and more with our milk. This is just so exciting for us. Last year, we did not have enough for everything, so it was only used for drinking and soaps primarily, but this year with 5 gallons on average a day, we have lots to spare for other things. We also have started doing herd shares with our milk for families who, like ours, need goat milk. It feels so great to be able to help others who suffer as our son does. The garden this year, I am not sure if it will be what I hoped. The work hours I was pulling made it, so I was barely home to do anything. So now I am playing catch up, and sadly my seedlings were not well cared for. Well, I was busy. I hope we can get some seeds in the ground and get some stuff to grow.

We do have a few new animals on the farm this week, Peaches is a potbelly pig who needed a new home, and I got a message asking if there were any chance, we would be willing to be that home for her. Well, let’s just say Peaches loves all of the belly scratches and slop is getting and is an excellent addition to our pigs.

But Peaches is not the pig we got this week. As the kids call her, Mama Pig had a litter of six beautiful spotted babies. Three boys and three girls were born this week, and all are doing great. It is so fun watching them run around. I swear piglets are so dang cute.

So three pigs went to South Dakota, and seven more came to the farm, ha-ha, and I thought I was downsizing! The baby goats are doing great. The boys are wethers now and growing up for meat for the family. It is the saddest part of being on a farm, but we are so thankful we will have good food in the freezer next winter. With prices the way they are, we feel blessed to live this life.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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