This Week on the farm!

sorry for the delay there was a mess up when I posted it. This week on the farm, we started the big fencing project, we were walking our pasture with our livestock guardian dog Liv, and she went crazy. She was baking up a storm. We got to her and discovered she had found a raccoon in our pasture. We have had issues with them, so we have so many dogs out with our animals. Sadly, we did find evidence that the coon did get a few of our birds which were in the trees eating ticks

Michael was able to deal with the coon, but Liv was so upset she did not want to leave the area. Unfortunately, I did not have a leash with me for her, so Michael being a great dad, took off his belt for us to use as a leash. It worked great. We got her home, and she took a very long nap The baby goats have been growing like weeds as well, and they have been out in a bigger pen running and playing with Livs babies we have kept. It is so lovely watching them all be together and getting along. The training with the young pups is going great. They are learning to leave the birds alone and just sit and watch.

The last few days have been warmer and less wet so that we can work outside. I am not sure how much I will get planted in our garden now as May is gone, and some of my seeds need more days than we may have. By the time you all read this, I am praying that I have stuff in the ground. We have required to get the fence up, and now we have the One Call done for that, and the rain dried up a bit more. We pray we can have a few days to get everything we need in the ground. There is no point in planting anything without a great fence as the goats are naughty and love good-tasting plants. We have been able to get a few fridges off of local yard sale pages and people we know. We are so thankful to have working fridges again. We miss our big fridge but having a few smaller ones is okay for us. We did not finish our kitchen this winter as now one of these smaller fridges fits right in our kitchen. The layout of our house is different, and we have slowly been making changes to it, and now we made another.

We were giving some fencing supplies from one of our readers, I saw them at one of my shows, and they said they have meant to get in touch with me—what a fantastic thing. We just feel so blessed. I love meeting you all when I am out and about. When people stop me and say they read my article, it is an incredible feeling. So thank you all!

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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