This week on the farm

This week on the farm has been a different week for us. I (Julia)started a new full-time job, I am now the retreat cook at Metigoshe Ministries, and when they heard we have lots of animals, they got excited. So now they have a place to send the scraps from the meal and the leftovers from camp. The pigs and birds love it, and both MM and I are super happy that this food will not go to waste. Just make more for me, ha-ha! We will even be using the coffee ground to put in our compost pile, and my compost pile may end up being mostly coffee grounds with the way they go through it. How awesome is it to do something I love, like cook and help our farm and the environment simultaneously? The pigs are so happy about our new deal, and now they think they have the best life ever. They are super excited for the garden season and eat all the scraps. The chickens also feel super spoiled, they had gotten some kidney beans and green beans, and oh man, you would have thought the chickens were eating the most fantastic meal, and to them, it was a wonderful thing. They enjoyed it all so much.

We are trying to cut the cost of feed for the animals on our farm. As you all have seen, everything costs so much more. So, we are planting things this year that, over the years, will help with the cost of feed because we all know I will buy more cute animals ha-ha. We are growing many fruit trees and fruit bushes and planting many pumpkins this year. We will save the seeds from one pumpkin to not repurchase seeds next year. We will try and do this from our heirloom plants to cut costs in the years to come. I would say 90% of what we are growing are heirloom varieties. I believe a few of the tomatoes are not, as I bought a big seed kit for tomatoes this year that came with fifteen different types, so it will be neat to see all of the different kinds we get, and it will be exciting to taste them and see which we like. I had already planned to do this, but it is now critical to make this work. We will put straw or mulch down around all of my plants to keep down on the weeding as I won't have much time to spare. And the time I do have, I do not want to spend weeding. It is not something I enjoy.

The kids are excited for summer as they love getting to play in the sprinkler, and I plan to put it in my garden this year to water the raised beds and cool the kids off simultaneously. So, I like to get two jobs done with one answer. Who wouldn't, right?

OO, our grass has gotten so green with the gray we got. How is your yard? See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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