This Week on the Farm

This week on the farm has been a clean-up the farm week. We have been working on getting the orchard cleaned up and ready to plant trees next week if the weather lets us, hopefully. Also, we are working on getting our raised beds ready. We plan to spend Mother’s Day in the garden working on landscaping and placing new raised beds I got for others’ day. I got six new raised beds, one from each of my children and one from Michael. What a great gift. He asked if I wanted a new goat or six new raised beds, and I chose the raised beds. So, six new raised beds will mean I will change my garden design up a bit, but it will be so lovely to have these. Of course, we will have many plants in rows, but these raised beds can be stunning. We will be adding rows of rhubarb, apple trees, and berries of many kinds. Also, our carrots and potatoes will be in rows. Pumpkins will go around the fences.

I learned many things through my Farrms class, and one of those was not to have bare soil showing in a garden. We have lots of straw and mulch to go around our plants in the garden to keep all of the good nutrients in the soil. Lots of work to be done, but I cannot wait for it all to get done and grow lots of produce for our family. I will add lots of photos of the process to our Facebook page and in the article later of the garden.

We got three new goats this week about three new goats. I met a lady last year at a craft show, and we became perfect friends, and she was selling her goats, and she was interested in one of our pigs, so we traded a pig for a goat. Then her husband heard I had Pokémon cards from childhood, and he collected them. He asked if I would trade these two other female goats for the cards. I said yes, now they have a pig and Pokémon cards, and I have three new goats. What a great deal. We made a pen outside the barn for the baby goats; they love it since the weather has been beautiful. The kids run inside and out, and the little goats follow. It is so awesome to watch them all play. Most goats are down to one bottle a day; only six are on two times a day. This has freed up more time and milk for us to be able to start using.

The puppies are now seven weeks old, so they get to start going to their new homes in one more week. It has been lovely having all of these puppies around, but we are looking forward to them going and starting training with their new herds they will learn to protect. See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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