This Week on the Farm, #2

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

This Week on the Farm This Week on the farm, we did hoof trims for all the goats one by one, all the way to 30. As I am doing the hoof trims, the goats get a snack of organic local oats, minerals, and our herbal supplements. We also check over each goat, we do this more often, but we do this on the stand each time so that they get more use to being touched and standing longer. It is a great way to train all of our goats to the milking stand, as one day, each of the ladies will provide us with milk. Some of our younger girls who were not born here really hate this, but they are getting more adjusted to it each time. More about our goats, we have several different breeds of goats. We have Nubians mostly, Saanens, Mini Nubians, and Nigeran dwarfs, and Alpines. They each play a significant role in what we want to do here. Some have higher butterfat, some make more milk, and some are just so dang cute! Goats are one of those animals that can drive you crazy in five minutes, make you want to pull your hair out, swear you will sell them all and never get goats again, and then think, oh my god, how cute are they. But, if you have ever been around goats, you understand. We get a gallon of milk each day. So, we have enough for the seven of us to have fresh milk. I have so many bags of frozen goat milk in my freezer, so I can keep making goat milk soap to sell. I have been making goat milk soap for over six months, it has been such a journey, and I have realized how much I love making it. I have owned a few different businesses over the years, from craft businesses to my photography business. Still, nothing has given me as much joy as taking care of my animals and being able to provide for my family and the people in our community as running our farm and soap company has. Knowing that my goat milk soap has been helping so many with sensitive skin and even people who don’t have sensitive skin have said this is the most excellent soap they have used. This Week I made 50lbs of soap. I like to make big batches as it has to sit for 4-6weeks before you can use it. When making my soap, I start with dissolving my lye in my frozen goat milk, then I add all my liquid oils and melted hard oils. It is such a neat process. We have unscented soaps, essential oil soaps, and fragrance oil soaps. We also have uncolored soaps and soaps that use natural things like clays and spices for color. Then we have micas and oxides, and even charcoal which is excellent for an acne bar. See you Next Week! Our contact info Julia Pugh 701-228-4428 Find us on FB, IG

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