This Week on the Farm!!

This week on the farm, our count is 21 baby goats. Our boar goat still needs to have her babies, so we shall see our final number.

The milking machine made our lives so much easier until we had a foot of snow, and the machine could not get through all of the drifts. Also, we discovered it does not like the cold, which made it not want to work right. So, thanks to all the snow, I have been milking ten goats by hand twice a day. We are bottle feeding most goats three times a day, and a few are now at two times a day. This is because the babies are going so fast. They are such little piggies, ha-ha. I did not miss this snow, but we are thankful for the added moisture. Hopefully, we can have a great garden year this year. I have over two hundred tomatoes plants started and over a hundred Broccoli seeds started. We also created one hundred loofahs'’ excited to get everything else that has to start in the ground going soon. I pray spring will be here more quickly, and I am looking forward to playing in the soil. The goats did not want to go out one of the storm days, but we brought them to feed, but they did not eat as much as on a typical day, so production was a bit down from two gallons to one and a half gallons. Thankfully we had stocked up on whole milk and had extra milk to feed if needed. And it was required, Training the goats to the new milking stand setup is going pretty well. Michael runs the goats to the milking stands from the pen. At the same time, I am either hand milking or hooking up goats. It has been going pretty well. We primarily have first fresheners, which means this is their first-time having babies, so the milking stuff is very new. Some are struggling with how to get on the stands correctly, and most of them hate standing still well we milk. We, for sure one day, will be building a milking barn where we can keep the milking machine and not have to move it around, and we will have a sink and a fridge in there as well, so all the cleanup and filtering will be done in the same room, and we won't have to haul everything back to the house. One step at a time, but it will be nice to have everything in one place, and it will be nice to have a place just for our milking as it will be much cleaner and warmer in the wintertime. Since we have been stuck inside with the storm, we decided spring cleaning was this week's project. Of course, our kids are not excited about this project, but Michael and I are excited to get rid of lots of clutter and clean up the house. After the last few crazy weeks, we have had lots of extra work each day. As a result, we have not had time to get some of the ordinarily everyday stuff done. Like those clean clothes hampers that need to be folded and put away. I can't be the only person with a few on my couch, right?

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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