This Week on the farm!

This week on the farm, we have 17 baby goats, milking 11 moms. Every day is a hectic day, and I feel we get nothing else done. We bottle feed three times a day for the first few weeks, and then we will go to two times a day. So we milk two times a day and then strain all the milk and get the bottles ready for the following times. We figured out we spend about five hours a day just doing the feedings and milking.

Watching our kids learn when a mama goat is almost ready to have a baby is fun. I keep having the kids run in and say, "mom, I think so, "and so is in labor as I see stuff on her backside. Mind you, and I check them myself at least three times a day, if not more. But I get up and check, and yep, I see an udder pop, or maybe she is ready. These kids are getting great at keeping an eye on the goats. We do not have the milking machine up and going yet as we have not got it all together yet. However, we plan to have it up and running next week. My hands are looking forward to that. I am so excited to get lots of milk in the freezer as I am out of goat milk now for my soaps. We are getting almost two gallons a day eeek. We will have so much milk once we wean all the babies.

We did have something terrifying happen this week. I was in Minot for the flea market, and our little dwarf goat was in labor, and the baby was stuck. Michael has too large of hands, and our kids were trying to help, but they are young and did not or could not get the baby out. So, I drove home from Minot as fast as possible, but sadly the baby did not make it. But mom is doing great and healing. I was able to get about three hours of sleep, and then back on the road for another day at the flea market, and I had to get my stuff. I could not just stay home. But Dot is being milked twice a day, and her milk is only about two cups a day. At this time, we are not using her milk yet. It is being dumped due to having to pull the baby from the trauma. I did give her meds, and we do not want to drink that or give them to the babies, but we are almost ready to be able to use her milk. She passes around two cups which is not a lot, but it will help when feeding so many babies.

We have a few goats left to have babies, and we are excited to see what they have. I update our Facebook page throughout the week, so check that page out for cute baby goat photos if you want to see more updates. See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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