This Week on the Farm!!

This week on the farm, we have welcomed so many new babies. It is so awesome. We have nine baby goats, six males and three females, at this time. I have heard from many that it is a boy year, and they are right. I am not listing any of the girls for sale at this time as I want to watch them grow a bit and make a choice later for who will become part of herd #2. I have chosen to split my herd into two different herds. This will be used for breeding times. One will be a spring breeding season, and the other will be a fall breeding season. This way, we are always in milk. I like this idea, and I have seen some stuff about it a few times, and I have decided to try it and see. We won’t be keeping many of the babies, but a few, the females who do not kid this spring, will be added to herd #2. Bottle feeding nine hungry babies is a challenge. They do not like taking turns. As some go to their new homes next week, we will still be adding more babies, so there won’t be any breaks from feeding, but this stage does not last forever, and we try and enjoy all the babies as we have them.

Also, our Yorkie/Morkie dogs had three beautiful babies this week, and they had two boys and one girl. We got an all-brown boy, and I have never seen an all-brown one before. He is adorable. The four little chicks are doing great, and they are starting to feather out a bit and jump around more in their cage. My daughter is doing great, making sure she gives them fresh water and food as they need it each day. We have been talking a lot about businesses lately with the kids with the 4-H books we read. And each child is talking about what kind of farm enterprises they want to do. One wants to raise chickens, mainly hens, but she will have a rooster for being able to hatch her birds. Another daughter wants to raise ducks, and she is excited about all the pretty color ducks she has been able to look up to. One of our sons wants to raise boar goats and show them at the fair. He also wants to keep his wethers for butchering as he knows his grandma loves goat chops. They have a long list of birds they want to add to the farm over the next few years. Dad is so excited about more fencing jobs. Our youngest just wants to play with all the babies and name one Hulk, and he wants it to be green, so we shall see what we can find for him. Our oldest two girls are excited about the garden and learning to cook. That will be a big part of their 4-H and homeschooling as you can add so many different life skills, and you need Math and Science to make food. And you know too well if they make a mistake or something doesn’t turn outright. The pigs do not mind the messed-up food at all. I think they wait for us to mess up, to be honest, so they get extra food. See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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