This Week on the Farm!!

How is this week going, you may ask? Well, not entirely as we had planned. Our Great Pyrenees/ Collie mix guardian dog had ten puppies. I do not know where she hid that many. That made for some very long days. If you have ever had a newborn in the room, you know how you awake to every sound. Even my husband woke to every whine and noise those puppies made. They are in our bedroom as that is where mom has decided it is her place. She chose our bed at almost midnight Monday to start giving birth, and she had her last baby after 5 am. It was a very long night.

Then Tuesday, to our surprise, one of our Mini Nubians gave birth to a beautiful little doe. It should not have surprised me so much as we did have our dwarf bucks here before the boys, but they were not supposed to be together. We know that fences for bucks are not an issue when a girl is in heat. So, we have started our kidding season off early, and so far, it is going great. Check back each week for updates on who is born and how they are doing. We also bought four baby chicks at Tractor supply, and as soon as the sales lady saw us walking in, she knew she was selling chicks, ha-ha. It is crazy and fun when they know your way too well. McCormick got silkies last year for her gift, and this year, she chose four cute little hens to start her little hen coop. She is so excited to make a coop with dad for them she has been drawing what she wants it to like. I love seeing her get so excited about her chicks and the art she does. This girl will be an artist someday. Well, she already is.

I have been dragging this week, but I have been able to get lots of lessons done with the kids. Baked some bread, I am taking a break from the sourdough as over the winter it just did not do well as it was too cold in our house. I plan to start another sourdough starter once it is warmer, and then maybe if it is doing great in the warm weather, it will be better for it during the colder months. We shall see. I have also been working on our website and getting that more user-friendly. But man, it is a full-time job in itself to have to keep our website up to date. I will be taking photos of each of our goats once the grass is green, and we will have a page where we just show our animals, and I am excited about that. How cool would it be to see who your milk or cheese is coming from? Or your eggs? WE will be doing lots of photos of the chickens, ducks, and geese and having lots of fun photos.

We do not have a boat, but we need one to get across the yard this week. Of course, the kids don’t mind, but wow, the extra laundry is adding up, and there are always wet shoes in front of the heat vents to dry out shoes. I am so thankful that spring is here. Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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