This Week on the Farm

This Week on the Farm This week on the farm. We are about a month out from the first baby goat's due date. I have started checking udders and seeing who has developed an udder. We have a few that have very lovely size udders, and some have not developed one at all. We are betting Hope will have her babies first as her udder is the biggest so far. We shall see. We placed the order for our milking machine, and I am so excited. Finally, we will be able to milk four goats at one time. This will save us so much time. Time is not something we have enough of, so saving some time is worth so much to us. Not only will it save us time, but it will also keep the milk so much cleaner, and then we won't chance to have the milk spilled as the milking machine is on a cart that holds the 11-gallon container.

I am not a very organized person, but I was getting on a great routine between the farm, house, and business. Well, the kids were in school. I was able to get a lot done during those hours. But now, in the hours I would be getting everything done during my day, I am currently teaching five kids. We bought the kids some laptops to use for schoolwork, and they love the programs they are using, but I cannot just walk away from them. Some kids do not read yet, and they will have questions, so I have to stay nearby. So, when do I have time to work on my business stuff? Well, not very often. I have online stuff that needs updated products that need to be made. But when can I find the time to do it all? Unfortunately, the answer is I can't. Taking them out of school was not an easy choice but leaving them in school was also not a choice, so now we have to switch everything around, and I have to make some hard choices. I hate having to make some of those, but the kids need me. I have to be a wife, mom, teacher, farmer, cook, cleaner, business owner every day, and that is a lot of hats to wear for one person. However, I am not doing it on my own. My husband helps so much, but he also has many hats he has to wear.

So what hard choices am I having to make? Well, I have to downsize the animals. I will be selling some of my younger Goats, and I will be selling almost all of my pigs as I just do not have the time to work with everyone. I hate having to do this, but it is what is best for us at this time. I will not be selling any of my girls who have babies as we will need the milk for our family and our business. But we will be selling as many of the babies as I can, even though I planned to keep all or most of the females born this year. This sucks, and it is a setback for my business plans, but it will be the best for our family in the long run. See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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