This Week on the Farm!!

This Week on the Farm This week on the farm, we got a lot of stuff done. Our Winter to do this is getting smaller by the day, and our house is starting to fit us better each day as well. I have moved my office and soaping workspace to the basement, I have about 600 sq. ft now for my workspace, and it is working out very lovely. I gave my main floor office to our oldest, and we are working on making the room more her. It is going to be an enjoyable project for us all. The boys liked the closet demo the best, and the girls were excited about the purple walls and water-colored wallpaper. We did have an ER visit this week, but thankfully it ended way better than we thought it would have. Clifford, our red Dexter, is more of a miniature bull, and he is a nice bull. He is big, though, and sometimes we all forget just how gentle animals are. Two of our dogs were playing in the snow nearby, and they started barking at the same time our 10year old was pouring water for the animals in a bucket. Clifford was spooked, and he turned and hit Freya, and she went down. Thankfully after x-rays, nothing was broken, and she left with a sling for a sprained shoulder. She commented that she loves Clifford and does not blame him for what happened and that it was just an accident. She is healing well, and it will be a while before she is back to 100%, but as I am writing this, she is doing much better and not in much pain. She sometimes overdoes it because she feels better but is reminded, she is not ready for much yet.

It is starting to look more like spring!! My Mother in law had a tomato plant voluntary come up in another plant from using water; she washed veggies last year. We picked her up some yummy plant food for it, and it is blooming. It is so pretty. I can’t wait for the middle of May to be here to start planting. We will be starting our seeds on April 1st for the plants that need that. Well, remodeling this week, and we found some leftover seeds from last year that I must have put in a safe place at the time because I forgot they were there. Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Well, I was making soap this week. I just had this feeling I was being watched. I was in the basement with one of our girls, and I looked up at the window, and there was our dog Liv just staring at us. Freya went and let her in as that is what she wanted. We have caught her doing this a few times now, so this is her sign to us, ha-ha. I loved that we captured this awesome photo of her just watching us.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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