This Week on the Farm!!

This Week on the Farm This week on the farm, we are feeling Brrrrrr. How about you all? Great news, all of our goats are doing great this week. Even though it has been cold, no one has had any issues this week. All the goats are back outside, and it turned out to be a great thing that our big goat had to come in. Because it made it, Mac and our newest little goat bonded, and now the little goat is outside in the barn with all of the goats. Oh, what a winter we have had. We have been stuck in our yard more times than we can count. We have some snowdrifts that are over 8ft tall. We have snow drifts over some of our 5ft fences, so the dogs and animals just walk right over them. So much for those fences!!

The geese and ducks we got a while back from a neighbor have been doing great. Some of the ducks are even laying eggs. Sadly, the eggs are always frozen when we find them, so we give them to the pigs. The pigs sure do not mind at all. It is sure nice having pigs around as nothing is wasted. Even my Mother in Law sends her scraps over for them, so she has less waste as well. This makes the pigs so happy. We sold most of our pigs last fall, and we bought two Idaho Pasture Piglets at the beginning of winter as well. So, in total, we have eight pigs, two Mama Kune Kune-Juliana Pigs, and we have three young females and one young male. We are planning our pasture fencing and figuring out how much seed we will need to put 64acres from cropland back to grass. It is a big project, and we are looking forward to getting all of this done to do rotational grassing with our animals. If you do not know what rotational grassing is, explain it. We will have 6sixsectsixons, and the animals will spend about 20days in one section A and then go to section B for 20 more days and so on. This will help let the land rest and regrow in between when animals are in each section, and this is known to help keep worms and other parasites from growing and being spread. Where did January go? I swear January felt like the longest month, and yet now it is February, and I feel like I got nothing done I planned to do in January. Our winter to-do list is not even touched due to the weather or just because of life, but dang it, spring will come, and my spring to list will need to be started, and I am so far behind. But as long as we are all together, we will be fine. Now just to make it to summer so we all can complain about it being too hot and too humid, haha. Right we all know this is how it goes. In the winter, we wish for warm weather, and In the summer, we want to for cooler. We are picky. I say I would take 65-70 degrees with a breeze, and I would be so happy. My five-year-old said, today, I wish we only had one cold day a year. I like the snow, but I don’t like cold feet. That for sure is true!

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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