This Week on the Farm!

This Week on the farm, we have had lots of babies arrive, six kittens, seven piglets, and 100ish chicks/ducklings. This summer, we bought miniature pigs to help work up some land. A new orchard and a big garden are coming in the spring. One of the pigs just had piglets. She had seven beautiful babies. Each one of them is so unique, as you can see in the photo. They have been adventuring out of the pig house, and exploring it is so fun to watch. Although these pigs will likely not get more than 100-150lbs, they make great family pigs. We have Kune Kune, Juliana, and some with a bit of potbelly in them. We even have a Mangalitsa cross boar. We have many family pigs and to-be butchered pigs ready to go. These little ones will be ready in 6-8 weeks. We also made a trip to Bottineau. Of course, we stopped at Tractor Supply to show our youngest the chicks. Well, they know me by name at the store, got to love small towns. They know I cannot pass up a great deal on birds. By the end of the trip, we came home with 100ish new baby birds. Mostly pullets, but we also got some little ducklings. Aww, they are all so dang cute. Next year we will have so many eggs we will not know what to do with them all, so starting next year, we will be selling eggs for $3 a dozen, $4 for an 18 pack, so please keep us in mind. Have you heard about our dairy farm? No, that is okay. We are still pretty new. Well, here is a bit about our farm. We have around 30 dairy goats. We drink the milk, make goat milk soaps, goat milk lotions, soy candles. Next year we will have so many goats in the milk we will be able to make lots of cheese mmm so excited about that. We also have a one-year-old mini jersey heifer, and we are eager to get cream from her. Unfortunately, goat milk does not separate like cow milk, so we don’t get much cream. We have thirty goats, one mini jersey heifer, a white Chinese goose breeding pair. Two hookbill female ducks, this kind of duck is endangered, so we are trying to help them. A Sebastopol goose breeding pair, around 200 chickens, so many different varieties, six dogs, 20ish cats, new ones just seem to show up. Thirtyish pigs with all our new piglets. We are pretty much a zoo. We also have five kids, so yeah, the work is never-ending. But what a journey we are on. We could not be more excited to share our adventure with you all, so please come along with us each Week and see what crazy, fun, scary, wild things happened on the farm! See you Next Week! Our contact info Julia Pugh 701-228-4428 Find us on FB, IG, Tiktok

This is Ladybugs daughter, she smiles just like her mom.

AWW how cute are these spots.

I just love how these little piglets lined up and posed for me.

This is Ladybug, she is the mom of the bigger piglets you see in the images.

I love the red on these piglets, there dad is red, mom has some on her as well.

See Ladybugs little girl is smiling at me again!

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