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This was a crazy week even for us

This week has been cold and has had us out of sorts. I was stuck at work for several days. So, Michael and the kids had to manage the farm alone. Thankfully our dog Liv, had her nine pups before my work week started. So, we have nine beautiful livestock guardian dogs in training now.

Been some long days, with chores and the cold, but we are happy to report that all are doing great. The humans all have red noses, but hey, it is that time of year.

We have been talking about spring and summer plans to warm our minds and hearts up a bit. We were discussing goat plans and working on the buildings to make them more goat friendly.

The animals have been in the garage eating the hay. They discovered the hay pile and have been just laying in it and enjoying the food. It is silly to see them on the hay mountain. They run back to the barn to get water and drink it fast. We filled it up and came back with 20min. later and half of the tank was empty. With so many animals drinking, it sure doesn't last very long.

Some first-timer goats are starting to get udders, which means kids are upon us. The first babies that could be born would be dwarf mixes, and the Alpine females we bought could start going as they are all getting very round.

Stella, one of our Nubian goats, udder was full, so we brought her in to look at her and see what was going on and see if she would be going into labor. Well, the dang girl is giving me nothing but mixed singles, so we wait and wait for her. I have read that really good milking goats can get a full udder a bit earlier, but I haven’t seen this yet. But well, she was in the house, she decided my couch was where she wanted to be, and she has always favored Michael, and she was all about the kisses. I kept teasing Michael about his other women, haha he thinks I am nuts, but he loves my crazy animals and me.

Clarabelle and Annabelle are just doing great. But unfortunately, Annabelle is still shy, and it will take lots of hard work to get her to be as friendly as our other cows. It is nice to have the calf with mom since I couldn't milk for a few days with being gone, and Michael just had enough work to do. The calf kept drinking the milk so mom's milk would stay, and she wouldn't dry up. It was great to get home and get that fresh milk back in our fridge.

I am happy to report that Henry has not had any tummy issues with the raw cow's milk. Of course, he can't drink store-bought, but the raw milk keeps him comfortable. But he does say he wants his goat milk back, and soon, he will have plenty.

I sure hope you all stayed safe and warm during the last storm. We sure are crazy to live here this time but year, but honestly, I wouldn't want to live in any other place. I grew up in SD, and we have lived in MN, and I love our area here in ND best.

Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel

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