Our Sour Dough Journey

Day 5 & 6

On day 5 I took the towel off and found beautiful bubbles. I was so happy to see them. Our kitchen is not very warm, so keeping our sourdough starter in the cabinet has helped.

I added 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 water again on this day.

On day 6 I had emptied out a wide mouth jar, sadly the bubbles were not here as well on day 6 as they were on day 5. So I warmed up the oven and then shut it off and put it in so it was warmer as the starter likes 65-70 degrees and it has been colder and my kitchen doesn't seem to get as much of the heat as other rooms in the house. Day 7 will be the bread-making day. Our jar is full so making bread stay tuned for that.

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