Our awesome logos and designs!!

Our Farm design, I really love how it shows so many different kids of our animals. Of course we have way more animals then this haha. My Baking blog logo, this will be on my post that will be about baking!

Well I do have two of them, the bowl is the same color as the walls in my kitchen how cool is that. I am so excited about my kitchen remodel that will happening sometime in May. Yard sale pages on Facebook can be such a great thing we found someone selling cabinets and counter tops as they are getting new ones. Well we are getting their old ones. They are in great shape and will be great for our family. So stay tuned for that process I will be doing a post about that.

This is my Logo for my soap business, I had it made into a stamp and I love it. So when I made a post about my soaps this will be posted on that post. I love how the goat looks like my little Saanen Goats, it is very simple and I love it. Thank you all for taking the time to checkout our page!!

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