One year celebration of writing this article yay

Updated: Sep 9

This is week 52 of writing this article. Wow, it is crazy to believe it has been a year already. I have learned so many things in this last year. From how to handle difficult births and what to do when you are in this situation, I even learned to castrate pigs, and I never thought I would do that now. I have done almost 20. The new skills we learned will last us a lifetime, we have had some fantastic wins on the farm, but we have also had some tough losses. Last winter was a hard one, but we learned. We had tough lessons, but we also had some fantastic moments. It has been a year of knowing, but I feel we will just go up from here. We finished the big fencing projects, we still have a few inside the yard ones to finish, but the 5-wire barb wire project is done. Also, we got the seeding project done. Now, wait until next summer when the grass is a foot tall, and then they can go out and enjoy it. Next year, we will also add the cross fencing to put the big pasture into six smaller pens.

This week we said goodbye to the last four of this spring's baby goats. I got them all banded and ready to go. I was so happy they were going together and going to be used to clean up weeds at a farm. They sure will love that job and be great at it. So I did not keep any of my babies from this year, but I bought a few new goats and sold several. I am hoping next year to be able to keep a few of my females to raise and see how the milking lines are coming. I have a new buckling coming soon from excellent milking lines and should significantly improve some of my lower-producing females, though we shall see how all of our girls do next year and will be the first fresheners this year. So this fall, I will be breeding 17 milking goats. I have a fainter and a boar female. I am not sure what to do with them yet. We shall see.

It is crazy to think we are just a few months away from starting the breeding season, but that also means we are a few months away from having to make sure we are ready for W*****. I won't say that work yet, ha-ha.

Homeschooling has been going well. The kids love what they have been learning and getting into a good routine. So many things can be great lessons, but I think they would all agree they love cooking class the best. They have been learning to make all kinds of different snacks and treats, and the older two girls have been assigned a night to help mom make supper. They are learning a great life lesson, but having this one-on-one time with them is also excellent. This week I made my fall soaps. They will be cured at the end of September. But man, I love some of these soaps I created, like the ones I have shown here. I made a black and white loaf of soap, cut it to make the birch trees, and then put them in a block of soap to create these looks. The moons are other molds I have, and I just love these.

Michael has been working on the milking house this week. We had to take a break until we had our deadlines with the other projects, but now we are back to getting it done. I am nervous about dragging it over, but he has a plan, and we shall just pray all goes great. It will be so lovely to be milking in the milking house and have all of the feed stored there.

See you Next Week! Our contact info is Julia Pugh 701-228-4425. Find us on FB, IG & Tiktok & our YouTube channel.

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